With a name like Jamaica Mi Hungry, you might expect a menu full of Caribbean food. Although we serve our favorite Jamaican dishes on the truck and in the restaurant, when you choose Jamaica Mi Hungry as you caterer have the chance to explore dishes from all over the world.

Our menu includes food from all over the world, and of course many Jamaican specialties!  The “Jamaica” in Jamaica Mi Hungry is about a lifestyle and experience. For most who have visited the country, Jamaica brings to mind fun, relaxation, paradise, excitement, and a place where life’s daily routines disappear. We have this in mind every time we bring food into someone’s life. 

When you’re hungry for delicious food at a fair price with no worries, you want to turn to Jamaica Mi Hungry. We have a love for excellent service and we bring island hospitality to you and your guests! All you must do is relax and enjoy the experience!

Food Tuck 



It's your party you should eat what you want to!

Browse our catering menu and choose from menu items from around the world, take a look at our food truck menu and pull items from there, or if you want our chefs to recreate a dish you love let us know we'd be happy to! 

Let us take care of your event! Tell us about what you are looking for!

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